Functions of connective tissue

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Connective tissue connective tissue (ct) is one of the four types of biological tissue in animal body that supports, connects or separates different types of tissues and organs it develops from the mesoderm the other three types. - identify the various cells of connective tissue (ct) - know that ct is the most variable and diverse tissue in the body - know what the term -blast means. How can the answer be improved.

Connective tissue and more connective tissues, nervous, and muscle tissues connective tissues – general functions zconnect epithelium to the rest of the. Every muscle has an interwoven connective tissue that attaches the muscle fibers and bundles together if you picture muscles as a large, ornate stain.

Best answer: connective tissue is responsible for providing structural support for the tissues and organs of the body this mechanfunction is important in maintaining the form of the body, organs and tissues the connective tissues serve a. In vertebrates, the most common type of connective tissue is loose connective tissue it holds organs in place and attaches epithelial tissue to other underlying tissues loose connective tissue is named based on the weave and type of its constituent fibers. Connective tissue performs the following important functions in the body as a packing material, connective tissue provides a supporting matrix for many highly organized structures it forms restraining mechanism of the body in the form of retinacula, check ligaments and fibrous pulley.

  • Connective tissue proper a type of connective tissue with many types of cells and extracellular fibers in a syrupy ground substance two types: loose and dense loose ct proper fibers create loose, open framework types.

Connective tissue is an essential part of a body it helps hold our body together, supports other tissues and even transports substances learn.

Functions of connective tissue
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